Benefits of meditation on emotional well-being

Benefits of meditation on emotional well-being

Daily demands leave the body subject to multiple stresses and strains. A natural way to relieve stress and bring inner peace is meditation.


Meditation practice goes back to ancient times and was practised in different cultures. Today it is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction.


Did you know that as little as 15 minutes per day can lead to significant benefits?Anyone can practise and learn it. You do not need special equipment and can practice it everywhere: outside, inside, in the car, on the metro, during a meeting, while cooking or waiting for a meeting to start…


Creating a regular meditation routine can help you to feel calmer, more contented, be more productive, sleep better.


By focussing your attention, meditation helps eliminate the daily overload of thoughts and information that may be crowding your mind and causing stress to build up inside. 


Meditation has been noted to have different emotional benefits including being able to gain new perspective on stressful situations and learning to focus on the present. It can help reduce stress and negative emotions such as anger or frustration. Besides it increases creativity and even patience and tolerance - which is not only great for yourself but also the people around you -.

You can choose to practise meditation with a trained instructor, instruction books or with different apps available on internet. You can also practise on your own.


There are different ways to meditate such as guided meditation, mantra meditation, mindfulness, Qi gong, Tai chi, yoga,…


An easy way to start is to focus during 5 entire minutes on your breathing. Breath deeply and slowly though your nose. When your attention turns off, gently come back to focus on your breathing.


This exercise can be done whenever you want and where you want. I personally like to do this exercise in the morning, outside in nature or, if that is not possible, in a quiet place at home without distraction. 


It is not the length of the meditation session that is important but its quality. It is important that whatever method or way you choose, it fits your lifestyle and situation and that you feel comfortable with it.


By building up a regular meditation routine, you’ll discover that the benefits of meditation do not end at the session, but it will help you go more calmly through the day.


So if you are looking to reduce your stress, feel more energised and experience a greater sense of well-being, meditation might be the answer. Why not start today?


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