Our story

Our story


After an international career of more than 20 years, I created The Essentials in 2018, the name reflecting the spirit of the company: in whatever we do, we aim to focus on what is essential for our stakeholders and as such create a sustainable venture.


Our experts search efficient and safe synergies, maximizing olfactory quality, and develop powerful formulas. The common efforts of our multi-cultural team resulted in a range of high-quality natural products - all developed and produced in Belgium - today sold to care professionals in different parts of the world.

Our story


Today, we are proud to launch our new brand Happy Frog.


We chose the frog, so sensitive to the climate change, as our emblem.


Through our use of natural, sustainable ingredients and fully recyclable packaging, we want to contribute to individual well-being along with that of the wider environment. We also give back to the planet and actively support the protection of nature by backing up a local project that aims to restore biodiversity.


Happy Frog stands for authentic, high quality natural products for your personal care and wellness, designed to fit an active, natural and sustainable lifestyle.


We are pleased to present you our products so that you can discover the quality and the benefits for yourself and your beloved. By purchasing a Happy Frog product, you take well care of yourself, the planet and the future generations.


Welcome to Happy Frog!


Laurence Battaille