Quality matters

At Happy Frog, were committed both to the good of our customers, and the good of the planet we share. Through our use of natural, sustainable ingredients and fully recyclable packaging, we aim to contribute to individual well-being along with that of the wider environment.


Quality matters

Sustainable ingredients

To maximise the aromatic potential and the energising qualities of our products, we mostly seek to source wild, organic plants of sufficient maturity to have developed all the active ingredients we require. These plants mostly come from traditional farms, where manual harvesting of the crop takes place according to the rhythm of the seasons.

Once the harvest is safely gathered, we rely on dedicated experts in distillation to sublimate the quintessence of each natural oil. This commitment to nature and science working in harmony allows us to extract the maximum value from each precious plant we harvest.


Sourcing ingredients

Every batch of essential oil we receive comes with the required analysis from the supplier, and because of our commitment to quality, we carry out additional analysis to verify the levels of each active ingredient.


Each batch must satisfy 3 quality controls 

The first control is olfactory. The correct odour of an oil cannot be determined by analysis, but only by a trained, experienced human nose. Any oil with a suspect odour or any essence lacking finesse or nuance is immediately discarded without further consideration.

The second control examines physical parameters including colour, viscosity, levels of fatty acid, density, rotational power and pH values.

Finally, we run a complete chemical analysis of more than 99.9% of the identified components – and only once the oil or essence has passed this final hurdle, is it deemed suitable for production.


Specific controls for specific formulations

The science doesn’t stop there though – we may check other parameters to qualify the ingredients for specific oils or other products.

It is only through the application of these stringent controls that we can guarantee to always use natural ingredients of the finest quality - essential & botanical oils, 100% pure & natural.


We guarantee that all our oils are traceable

All our oils are botanically and biochemically specified (E.O.B.B.S.). For each oil, we know its botanical species as well as specific variety and subspecies, geographical origin, harvest and natural biotope or method of cultivation, stage of development and/or the distilled organ, biochemically specificity.


We guarantee no nasties

We do not use animal derivatives, nor artificial colours,  EDTA, fragrances, mineral oils, glycol, harsh detergents,  parabens, petrolatum/ synthetic propylene, MEA/DEA/TEA Phthalates, silicones, sulphates,  triclosan. 


Animal testing – no way

We have never tested our products on animals, and we guarantee that we never will.


Animal testing

Why do we insist on biophotonic glass packaging?

All the wellness products we create are designed to provide unbeatable quality and convenience – while always respecting the environment.

That’s why all our cosmetics and airsprays are supplied in attractive containers, made of unique dark violet biophotonic glass that protects every product from the harmful effect of light, increases its shelf life and retains potency. Thanks to this unique glass, the aroma, color, bioenergy and other properties of your product stay stronger for longer.