Caring Frog

We back biodiversity

At Happy Frog, the caring culture we cultivate means it is important to us to give   back to the planet and actively support the protection of nature.

Together with other inspiring donors, we demonstrate our environmental commitment by supporting a local project managed by Natuurpunt (Belgium) that aims to restore biodiversity. As we grow, we aim to back more sustainable projects in countries where we operate. The more sustainable we grow, the more we plan to give back.  


Caring Frog

Happy Frogs first biodiversity project


Rehabilitation of a local natural reserve - protection of the moor frog 


With a geology unique in Western Europe, Turnhouts Vennengebied is a heathland that covers approximately 1,400 hectares in Belgium. The reserve is home to a remarkable concentration of species, including several rare and endangered ones.

Natuurpunt, which manages the reserve, aims to restore the original habitat to its full diversity, which could see Turnhouts Vennengebied become one of the most significant nature reserves in Europe.

Biodiversity is already on the increase at Turnhouts Vennengebied, with work on the fens and wetlands helping to protect frogs and other amphibians especially the moor frog, thats so sensitive to climate change we chose it as our emblem.

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